3 Makeup Updates That’ll Overhaul Your Look

Right now is the hinterland of make-up, the lag between autumn russets/rusty tones and the crimson lipstick that’s the most classic Christmas look, that odd time when skin looks dull from a lack of sun and everything just seems a bit lifeless in the looks department. 

So what better time could there be to enlist a make-up artist to the stars to give a little guidance on some instant switches that will ensure your make-up is a bit more interesting and hopefully help you to find a look to tide you over until you can crack out the glitter and fun festive make-up?

Without further ado, here’s Jillian Dempsey’s – aka make-up artist to A-listers, creator of Lid Tints, and, lest we forget, wife to Patrick D – top three switches to cheer up your winter face…

I’m SO bored of red lipstick: can you tell me any other colours I should be wearing now?

Jillian Dempsey: “If you are altogether bored of red, there are some lovely hues of berry-browns, warm rose and punchy pinks that look lovely. Try Tom Ford ’07 Nubile’, Rituel de Fille ‘Rue Enchanted’, or Charlotte Tilbury ‘Birkin Brown’”

A cat flick is my go-to eye make-up – but I want to make it look more current. What would you recommend?

Jillian Dempsey: “I really like mixing pencil liners and cream shades on eyes. It’s a very attainable look. Simply draw on the top lid with a formula that blends well, then add a cream eyeshadow over it to mix together. This way you nix the flick and get the edgier, softer smudged eyes.”

My bronzer is making me look a bit muddy now that I’ve lost my summer tan. Should I make it lighter? Or use blush/highlighter? I basically want to wake my face up. 

Jillian Dempsey: “I would recommend using a paler all over bronze colour on the face.  So get what you traditionally buy, but go a shade lighter. Keeping it a little more matte is best in the winter rather than going for glimmer or highlight. If you’re after a bronzer recommendation, I really. Like Guerlain’s Terracotta range. “