8 Oscars Dresses You NEED To See Before Anything Else

8 Oscars Dresses You NEED To See Before Anything Else

Emma Stone Sashayed Down The Red Carpet In Givenchy

CBA with going through an entire best dressed gallery? Here are the 8 dresses from the Oscars 2017 that you need to talk about at the water cooler during your lunch break…

1. Emma Stone’s Flapper Girl

Hollywood’s latest golden girl, Emma Stone, made sure that life imitated art by wearing a golden floor length gold flapper dress by Givenchy. The leading actress nominee sashayed down the red carpet in an elaborate gown and topped off her look with vintage waves. It seems apt for an actress in a musical to be wearing a dress with so much pizzazz. The must have accessory? Jazz hands. Durrr.

2. Chrissy Teigen’s Slash And Dash Approach

Why have one fashion feature when you can have four: a waist belt, a sassy back, a slashed hem and a ton of embellishment. Throwing everything at a dress, plus the kitchen sink, sometimes does pay off, clearly.

3. Ruth Negga’s Lady In Red

Wearing Valentino and a headband, as one does, Ruth Negga turned into a lady in red. Accessorised with the accessory of the moment, a political statement, the leading actress nominee morphed into a bold renaissance princess.

4. Halle Berry Went Large

Haille Berry, welcome back to the centre of attention. Channeling Diana Ross at the height of her 1970s fame, Halle crowned her Versace couture gown with larger than life hair.

5. Jesscia Biel Takes The Statement Necklace Home

When you aren’t in the running for a golden statue you might as well turn yourself into one. Jessica Biel’s homage to Cleopatra also managed to make the statement necklace thing a thing, again.

6. Viola Davis’s Ketchup Bottle

The colour was so vivid it basically didn’t even seem real, the Oscar-winning actress made sure her moment in the spotlight was seasoned with the brightest of colours.

7. Naomie Harris’s Long And Short Of It

Naomie Harris has had many moments this award season and she topped off her stellar week, which saw her taking home an OBE from the Queen, with a mullet hem dress with a side helping of cut-outs.

8. Meryl Streep Gets Waisted

Well we all know what Meryl wasn’t wearing… but to move on from THAT controversy, the most nominated actor EVER took a more glamorous direction than normal.

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