Everything We Know About Kylie Jenner’s Baby Shower

As Kylie Jenner prepares to have her first baby, she’s pulling out all the stops—and that includes throwing a full-fledged Kardashian-style baby shower. While we may not have photos of the spectacle yet (honestly we wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a TV special in the works), we do have inside details about what went down.

Just one day after her big sis Kim Kardashian West threw a baby shower for her third child with Kanye West, Kylie threw a party of her own in honour of her baby girl due next year. Unlike Kim’s bash, though, Kylie’s wasn’t documented on public social media platforms.

A source told People that the theme of Kylie’s secret baby shower was “pajama party,” and a separate source confirmed that Kylie had been planning her shower much longer than Kim had, as the older sister’s was planned rather hastily.

“It was a last-minute baby shower. Guests received an invitation earlier this week. It was a low-key celebration with family and close friends,” the source said of Kim’s cherry blossom-covered party. “Kim was excited to celebrate. She can’t wait for her baby girl to arrive. They’re still deciding on a name—Kim asked guests to share their favourite names.”

The source said Kim decided early last week to throw a shower on the same weekend as her sister.

No word yet on how Kylie felt about that, though the sisters were at each other’s showers to show support, and that’s really all that matters, isn’t it?