FAN YOURSELF: 14 Beaut Reasons We Heart Tom Hardy

FAN YOURSELF: 14 Beaut Reasons We Heart Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley at the Oscars

Shades on the red carpet? Oh, Tom…

Tom Hardy, argubaly the most rugged handsome chap in the land, has been a British favourite ever since he made his screen debut in 2000. But even when he’s playing the most hardened gangster around, he’s standing up for women’s rights and throwing back to some dodgy old MySpace pictures. If you need a refresher of why Mr Hardy is just SO great, read on…

1. Let’s get the basics out the way. Tom Hardy was born Edward Thomas Hardy on September 15th 1997 in Hammersmith, London, making him a true British fave. He’s now married to Charlotte Riley, with whom he has his second child.

2. Prepare for your TV screens to get a touch steamy on Saturday nights for the foreseeable! Starring in Taboo, the new BBC dark costume drama, Tom won the part after convincing his father to write a script for a character who embodied Bill Sykes, Sherlock Holmes, Hannibal Lecter and Heathcliff. What a COCKtail!

tom hardy taboo, tom hardy tv

3. Tom is really great at reading a bedtime story. Mr Hardy lent his talents to Cbeebies’s Storytime and brought his bruiser of a dog along with him. Queue a surge in viewers for the channel and showing us in the process the reason you MUST pay for your TV licence people!

4. He commits to his film roles. Tom put on 3 stone to play notorious prisoner Charles Bronson in 2008, and kept the bulk up for his role as the masked Bane in Batman. He even smartened up to portray BOTH Kray twins in Legend.       

5. Tom Hardy is all shades of terrifying. He’s powerful in The Revenant, unnerving in Legend and flat-out frightening in Peaky Blinders. Anyone who can hit this many levels of anger is an amazing actor in our books – especially after THIS new trailer for Taboo

6. Tom is all about improving the quality of women’s roles in film, and praising the strong female influences in his life. When asked “As you were reading the script did you ever think, ‘Why are all these women in here? I thought this was supposed to be a man’s movie’?”, Tom hit back with the perfect response… 

7. He’s not down with his sexuality being made an issue, either. In a press conference for Legend, Tom shut down a question about his previous sexual exploits that had very little to do with the Krays. 

8. If you haven’t seen Tom Hardy’s old MySpace pictures, where have you been!? Proving that he’s got a murky online history just like us, Tom’s old profile snaps are a SIGHT to behold. 

9. He’s good with Dubsmash. From 50 Cent to Simon & Garfunkel and (our personal favourite) The Beach Boys, watch his collection below.

10. We kinda lied when we said Tom’s on-screen debut was in Black Hawk Down. Tom actually won a modeling competition on none other than The Big Breakfast, landing a contract with Models One. 

11. He’s cool with heels and dresses. Tom is open about his fetish for high heels, saying he loves buying them for the women in his life. The dresses? Well, Tom’s mum Anne used Tom to pin and alter dresses, and he’s even done some repairs himself.

12. He’s an Oscar-nominated actor. Tom has notched up BAFTAs, Critics Choice and Independent Film awards, but he’s yet to add an Oscar to his collection. 

13. He might have lost out on that Oscar, but here’s a picture of him taking a selfie with Leonardo DiCaprio backstage.  

Tom Hardy and Leonardo DiCaprio taking a selfie

14. He’s a big charity supporter. Tom is an ambassador for The Prince’s Trust, a patron of Bowel Cancer UK, has raised money for Caudwell Children and has even appeared in a PETA advert.

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