Meghan Markles Behaviour Suggests A Lack Of Confidence Hints Body Language Expert

Meghan Markles Behaviour Suggests A Lack Of Confidence Hints Body Language Expert

It seems as though one expert believes that Meghan is adjusting to her new role as part of the Royal Family…

There might be a media whirlwind surrounding Meghan Markle at the moment, but she’s no stranger to the spotlight.

Before Prince Harry put a rock on her finger, the 36-year-old was a celebrity in her own right. Thanks to a successful career in Hollywood, which included a long-running stint in Suits and multiple cameos in various TV shows and films. In fact, Meghan also made a name for herself as an activist and UN women’s advocate, regularly speaking out about world issues.

But, it goes without saying, royal life is probably a totally different kettle of fish. Recently, a number of people have noticed that Meghan is often seen fiddling with her hair whilst out and about on public engagements.

Body language expert Blanca Cobb told that this action could be a way for somebody to ‘psychologically and physiologically calm themselves when they’re feeling anxious, uncomfortable, or stressed.’

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Now, author Elizabeth Kuhnke, who writes around the subject of communication and behaviour, has also explained: ‘It’s a physical and psychological calming gesture when feeling uncomfortable or stressed.’

‘It’s the adult version of a child clutching favourite toy, mother’s skirt or father’s hand when feeling anxious and not knowing what to do or say,’ she continued to Femail.

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Kuknke then added: ‘When feeling nervous – knowing millions of people are watching and judging – tilting one’s head down and playing with hair is a tell of the psychological state of the need to shield or protect herself,’ she explained.

Acknowledging the shift in the nature of Meghan’s fame, the author of Body Language: Learn How to Read Others, also said: ‘Meghan is finding her way in a new public position.

‘While she may be used to being photographed, the public previously identified her with her role in Suits, not the real person behind the character.’

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She continued: ‘Being in the spotlight as an accomplished actress is a different role than the one she now finds herself in.

‘Every movement, gesture and clothing choice is being scrutinised. She is no longer representing herself as an actress, she is being judged for her suitability as a member of the royal family.’

As a woman that has given stirring speeches about women’s rights and female empowerment, we have no doubt that Meghan will soon ease herself into her new role.

And we think she’ll do a bloody good job too.