Oliver Cheshire On Why He Won’t Be A ‘Groomzilla’

Oliver Cheshire On Why He Won’t Be A ‘Groomzilla’

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Diamonds are Pixie Lott’s best friend

Oliver Cheshire, 28, got engaged to his long term girlfriend, Pixie Lott , 25, last November and whilst doing the rounds today at the London Menswear shows he finally revealed all about the proposal and what to expect from their forthcoming nuptials.

Crutially are there any signs of Oliver turning into a Groomzilla? Oliver wades in, ‘no that’s for the ladies, they will have fun planning the wedding. I will just plan my suit and the stag do. I am not that hot on my flowers and my table planning so will be asked to avoid that!’

The male model proposed to his actress/singer girlfriend in private but the secret wasn’t kept for long as a passer-by snapped them mid proposal and sent it viral on twitter. ‘I wanted to do it as a surprise, obviously, so I took her to St. Pauls because she loves it there. I took her up the steps, got down on one knee and she then just burst in to tears and had make-up everywhere.’

Ever the gent, Oliver didn’t leave his damsel in distress, ‘I shouted to a lady and asked if she had a tissue and this lady managed to take some photos on her I-phone and they were leaked. We had all her family around the corner so we had loads of drinks and food- that was really nice.’ Awww cute!

However don’t expect them to be joining the likes of Pippa Middleton, Brie Larson and errrr, Brody Jenner down the aisle next year. Oliver revealed the pair are set to marry in 2018 but the question is, will he get heavily involved in the planning? The simple answer was ‘nope!’ ‘Nope!’  

One thing for is certain though Oliver and Pixie will look super chic. The pair constantly serve-up couple dressing goals on Instagram with Oliver’s 1960s English gent style and Pixie’s bombshell good looks making for highly likeable grams.

Watch Oliver Cheshire tell Joshington Hosts about the clothing she bans him from wearing, below.