Saint Laurent Sets Tongues Wagging At Paris Fashion Week

Saint Laurent Sets Tongues Wagging At Paris Fashion Week

saint laurent autumn winter 2017

What would your Mothers say?

In only his second collection for Saint Laurent, Anthony Vaccarello continued his new and refined take on1980s fashion. Vaccarello modernized the likes of the mini skirt, added the sassiest shoulder pads to match and marinated the entire look with an extra seasoning of sex. Given that this is a brand that launches many covetable pieces, here are the 5 items you need to get in the waiting list for like, NOW, but you might have to beat the show’s FROWers, Kate Moss and Catherine Deneuve to the chase…  

1. Disco Inferno Boots

Lady Gaga and Instsagram fiends alike, be still your beating hearts. Who needs to waste their money on hitting the club when they can save their pennies up for these and have your own private disco around them at home? Consider these boots as a landmark for budgeting. #adulting

saint laurent autumn winter 2017 boots

2. The Posh PVC Mini Dress

VB’s Posh Spice mini was updated for a new generation but also took a considerable step back in time to the 1980s at the same time. With a zip down the middle for optional amounts of cleavage and shoulders more powerful than Joan Collins, Saint Laurent’s patent leather dresses will certainly appear to every fashion gal’s secret kinks.

3. The Naughty Noughties Mini Skirt

The noughties are the new 90s, so just start dealing with it and get over it. Nothing says the early 00s like an asymmetric mini skirt and what these skirts didn’t make up for in length they made up for with their flouncy flourishes. Want to bring this into 2017? Take an attire tip from Anthony and team with a jumper for that sexy preppy feel. For those looking to take a step back further in time, to the 80s to be precise, there was the most disco worthy of metallic blue skirt. Just don’t drop it too down low.

saint laurent autumn winter 2017 skirt jumper

4. The Boxy Biker

Thought it was impossible to reinvent the biker jacket? Think again. With over blown proportions and rushed sleeves Anthony Vaccarello has achieved the impossible.

5. The Shearling Coat Come Dress

Well if you are going to sacrifice your hemline you might as well keep your other extremities warm.

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