Single Here Are 5 Alessandra Ambrosio-ApprovedWays To Bag A Date

Single Here Are 5 Alessandra Ambrosio-ApprovedWays To Bag A Date

Alessandra Ambrosio joins Joshington Hosts to give us a lesson in how to be seductive: Victoria’s Secret Style!

Alessandra Ambrosio basically sweats sex appeal. As the ‘Mother Angel’ to the Victoria’s Secret models, Alessandra certainly isn’t short on tips on ‘how to get sexy’, so if you’re feeling down on your luck in the dating game, prepare to take some VERY detailed notes.


1. The Walk: “Lock Your Eyes On The Prize.”

Want to seduce that man as you walk into da club? “It’s all about the confidence and locking your eyes on the prize!” See exhibit A in the above video, it’s seriously seductive…

2. The Tinder Profile Photo: “Always go for the cleavage!”

If you want to get some swipes to the right, Alessandra has got the selfie tips you need: “It’s all about knowing the right angles. Put your face a little bit forward and find the right light. Look around for your best angle. And I always go for the cleavage.”

David M. Benett/Getty Images

3. Sexy Eyes 101: “It’s all about the attitude.”

Not quite got your come hither eyes sussed? “It’s about the attitude, it’s about how much you want the other person. Project that into your look and you will have a date in no time!”

4. WEAR Your Underwear: “There are no rules to first date underwear.”

Now, Alessandra knows a thing or two about looking sexy AF in underwear, so listen up ladies: “It’s all about what feels comfortable for you and what makes YOU feel sexy, so if cotton or black makes you sexy go for that. There’s so much lingerie you can play with, there are no rules when it comes to that, it’s all about what fits you!”


5. Sexify Your Squats: “Channel Cindy Crawford!”

Fancy your personal trainer and want to make him yours? Alessandra channels a certain icon when she’s down the gym: “I used to watch the videos of Cindy Crawford working out all the time and I was like HOW can this woman be so sexy when working out! That’s what motivated me!” We couldn’t agree more, hun!

Alessandra Ambrosio is the face of Ciroc’s On Arrival campaign.