The Internet Thinks Love Actually Predicted Prince Harry And Meghan Markle’s Relationship

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s relationship is basically the storyline of a rom-com.

Beautiful American actress meets British prince… Yep, we can totally see that being made into a Hollywood blockbuster. Meghan could even play herself.

But now it’s been pointed out that Meghan and Harry could actually have been inspired by a movie themselves.

It’s almost Christmas, so you’ve probably already watched Love Actually approximately 7 times. And that means you’ll have been reminded of schoolboy Sam’s adorable crush on his American classmate Joanna.

He tells step-dad Daniel he’s in love with her, and then proceeds to learn the drums just so he can perform alongside her at the end-of-term show. This leads to possibly our favourite scene of the whole film, when he runs through the airport to plant a kiss on his one true love. Our hearts.

Now an eagle-eyed Twitter user has noticed that Harry, 33, and 36-year-old Meghan are pretty much Sam and Joanna all grown up. Just take a look at this…

It’s a Christmas miracle. We wonder if Harry will play the drums at their wedding?