Those Moves Jamie Dornan?! Proof That Our British Men CAN Dance

Those Moves Jamie Dornan?! Proof That Our British Men CAN Dance

Idris Elba = smooth moves

Who was it that said that men can’t dance? British men in particular. Sure, we’ve grown up seeing our dads cut a rug to a bit of Lionel Ritchie’s ‘Dancing On The Ceiling’. We’ve witnessed the BF’s bro festival bonding dance sessions to a bit of Oasis, but one thing’s for sure, Brit men aren’t known for their dancefloor prowess.

Until now.

We call BS on that notion. For ALL the reasons we’ve outlined below.

Dance Tom Hiddleston. Dance Martin Freeman. DANCE Benedict Cumberbatch. Dance like NO ONE is watching (except that is, all of team InStyle are in fact, watching…)

#KeepDancing, you delightful chaps.

1. Jamie Dornan

As dominant Christian Grey in Fifty Shades, Jamie Dornan is no stranger to taking the lead, and he’s pretty good at taking charge on the dancefloor too.


2. Tom Hiddleston

Yeah yeah, we knew he could dance. But it’s still fun watching him no?

2. Damian Lewis

Can the ginger fox can dance? Of COURSE he can!

3. Martin Freeman

Ah, look at Bilbo Baggins go.

4. Hugh Grant

In Love Actually? Classic.

5. James Corden

This move is practiced by many a British lad, in dodgy clubs throughout the UK.

6. Idris Elba


7. Ricky Gervais

Who can forget this?

8. Patrick Stewart

Pat’s got some moves.

9. Stephen Fry

Albeit behind the QI desk, but some dangerous shapes all the same. Bravo Sir Fry.

10. Prince Harry

Royal swagger.

11. And finally, the ‘Batch

Benedict Cumberbatch gets DOWN with his bad self…

Continued below…