WATCH: How To Become A VS Angel WITHOUT Work Outs

WATCH: How To Become A VS Angel WITHOUT Work Outs

How’s your New Years Resolution for getting a Victoria’s Secret model body coming along? If, like us, you are struggling to keep up with the girls and that chocolate digestive on your desk is proving too irresistible, do not fear, here’s a more light hearted approach to getting your wings and becoming an angel… EVERYTHING IN LIFE IS POSSIBLE.

Work The Weave

Hair flicking is a form of exercise RIGHT? So get those hair extensions in and get your sass on. Use diamante curlers if you have them to hand, too.

Love Yourself

It is all about the confidence. Think angel, be an ange and ask the sister hood for help.

Pad Your Bra

Get your fantasy bra on, but if you don’t have a bra worth $3million (!!!) or the cleavage to match there are always chicken fillets.

Make Them Want You

It’s all about walking into that room pretending your target of choice is a model agent and thinking, ‘book me bitch.’ Possibly add step one to this for extra snazz.

Fierce-ify Your Walk

Pretend there are wind machines, pretend you are Tyra. In fact just BE TYRA and just own it. It’s all in the hips FYI and is perfect for ex-boyfriend run ins… Exhibit A, below.

Mention World Peace

Talk as if you are running for president in 2020.

Chose Your Burger Wisely

You are an angel so you are above Burger King, even if a Chicken Royale is everything. If you are going to eat carbs make sure they are from Gourmet Burger Kitchen.

Sashay In Your Undies…

…even if it is a Wednesday and its midday. Complete the look with a pink dressing gown.

In Fact Make Sure Your Undies Are ALWAYS On Show

If you are wearing lurex to a party, just make sure it is transparent. Sass.

Wings Work Wherever and Whenever

Hoodie? Check! Denim hot pants? Check! Over the knee boots? Check! You are good to leave the house then.

Finally Don’t Forget To Stretch

After completing all of the tough, heavy-duty work above make sure you stretch out properly.

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