What Meghan Markle Said About Her Freckles Is Really Important

What Meghan Markle Said About Her Freckles Is Really Important

Meghan Markle is up there as one of the most famous women in the world right now. Which isn’t exactly surprising, seeing as she’s engaged to Prince Harry.

Meghan’s actually been in the public eye for quite a while, thanks to her acting career and role on hit legal drama Suits. But unfortunately for the 36-year-old, her experience of fame hasn’t always been entirely positive.

In an interview with Allure last year, she opened up about the inequality she’s faced, saying: ‘For castings, I was labelled “ethnically ambiguous”.

‘Was I Latina? Sephardic? “Exotic Caucasian”? Add the freckles to the mix and it created quite the conundrum. To this day, my pet peeve is when my skin tone is changed and my freckles are airbrushed out of a photo shoot.’

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But Meghan (quite rightly) is proud of her freckles, also revealing that her dad once told her that ‘a face without freckles is a night without stars’. How lovely?

When Harry, 33, and Meghan went official in 2016, Kensington Palace made the unprecedented move of releasing an official statement about their relationship.

The intention was to call out ‘racist’ and ‘sexist’ comments, underlining the fact that the treatment of Meghan had ‘seen a line crossed’. It also referenced the ‘racial undertones of comment pieces’ and the ‘outright sexism and racism of social media trolls and web article comments’.

While it’s infuriating that Meghan’s had to face these issues, we think it’s great that we’ll soon have a member of the Royal Family with a platform to speak out.