Why You’re Going To Be Obsessed With Her New M&S Range

Why You’re Going To Be Obsessed With Her New M&S Range

January is all about fitness goals and there’s no better bod-spiration than Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. To mark the launch of the model’s new activewear range for Marks & Spencer (man, are we obsessed with her leggings), we spoke to the lady herself to get her motivational tips, plus her trainer Simone De La Rue (creator of Body by Simone), told us how to go a body just like Rosie. 

Behold, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Gym-spo Tips:

INSTYLE: What gets you out of bed for the gym when you really, really don’t want to?

ROSIE: Water, coffee and, of course, my dogs. Their happy energy is enough to get me out of bed and motivated for the day. It also helps being in LA as it’s much easier to get up and out when it’s warm.

IS: How do you tackle make-up for the gym? 

ROSIE: I don’t tend to wear make- up for the gym. When I workout with Simone it’s extremely sweaty so it’s just really not ideal to have any make-up on. It’s more important how you feel when you are working out rather than look. It’s really important to xxx after so you have a post-gym glow. 

IS: What’s your ultimate workout track? 

RHW: Right now I am obsessed with Jax Jones’ Housework – it’s such a great workout track. I also always listen to Body By Simone‘s Spotify playlist. I take it with me if I am working out when I’m travelling. 

Get Your Gym Kit In Gear:

When we first saw the collection we were obsessed with the colour palette of rose pinks, purples and greys. Chic enough to wear just for the coffee run, we were instantly sold. But what about the fabrics? We put the full look, from leggings to the bra, through some sweaty paces whilst working out with Simone and were pleasantly surprised.

The bra tops were super-comfortable, easy to pull on over the head and gave ample support – something Rosie said was important to her. If you’re currently on the hunt for gym leggings, look no further. Rosie’s were super-stretchy, breathable, and opaque – so they didn’t become see-through when stretched (yes, we are talking about the bum area). 

FROM LEFT: Purple racer back bra top, £32, Tri-panelled leggings, £38 , Super sheer soft touch vest, £22.50 

3 Steps To Getting A Body Like Rosie

Rosie’s trainer, Simone De La Rue, who’s based in LA, is the founder of the cardio dance workout, Body By Simone, which is loved by loads of celebs (and the whole InStyle team). We were put through our paces this morning to get a taste of what Rosie actually does to get in shape and, yes, it was tough. Here’s what we learned:   

Get A Banging Butt: Start on all fours. Extend one of your legs out backwards and straight, lower to floor and back up, keeping straight at all times. Repeat this for 30 reps before switching to the other leg. 

Ace Those Arms: Sit on the floor with your legs tucked to one side of you. Lean over to the opposite side that your legs are, as if you were to lie down on your side. Using the arm furthest from the floor, place your palm flat on the floor in line with your face, and lower your whole body down towards the floor. Push your body weight back up and repeat, again for 30 reps. 

Sassify Your Stomach: Get in the plank position with your hands flat on the floor and arms straight. Keeping your whole body really straight bring one knee in at a time to touch the floor, and repeat with the other. Then bring both knees down and back up. Repeat these three exercises for 30 reps to really get those lower abs. 

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for Autograph Active is avaliable now online and instores. 

Bring it ON!